Medway Practices Alliance (MPA) slavery and human trafficking statement

Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking Act 2015 Statement

At Medway Practices Alliance (MPA) we are committed to ensuring that no modern slavery or human trafficking takes place in any part of our business or our service line. This statement sets out actions taken by MPA to understand all potential modern slavery and human trafficking risks and to implement effective systems and controls.
MPA have internal policies and procedures in place that assess supplier risk in relation to the potential for modern slavery or human trafficking.
The Board of Directors has considered and approved this statement and will continue to support the requirements of the legislation.

The aim of this statement is to demonstrate that MPA follows good practice and all reasonable steps are taken to prevent slavery and human trafficking.
All members of staff have a personal responsibility for the successful prevention of slavery and human trafficking with the Finance Department taking responsibility for overall compliance.
Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 requires us to set out the steps that we have taken during the financial year to ensure that slavery and human trafficking is not taking place in any of its supply chains, and in any part of its own business.


Current policies and initiatives

Medway Practices Alliance (MPA) fully supports the Government’s objectives to eradicate modern slavery and human trafficking and recognises the significant role the MPA has to play in both combatting it and supporting victims. In particular, we are strongly committed to ensuring our supply chains and business activities are free from ethical and labour standards abuses. Steps taken to date include:


  • We confirm the identities of all new employees and their right to work in the United Kingdom, and pay all our employees above the National Living Wage
  • Our Respect at Work, Grievance and Voicing your Concerns for Staff policies additionally give a platform for our employees to raise concerns about poor working practices.
  • We have been using social media to raise awareness and there has since been investment in training to ensure front line practitioners are aware of and able to respond to incidents of modern slavery within care settings.
  • We have worked closely with the Anti-Slavery Commissioner and participated in the production in the second annual report following publication of the Modern Slavery Act.
  • We are supporting a modern slavery network so that health care professionals can share best practice and work to support the identification of modern slavery in health settings.


Medway Practices Alliance (MPA) Business Case approval process now includes a question on Social Value which must be considered before the budget for a proposed procurement is approved. This question is supported by explanatory narrative, which makes direct references to labour rights and the Modern Slavery Act.


Review of effectiveness

We intend to take further steps to identify, assess and monitor potential risk areas in terms of modern slavery and human trafficking, particularly in our supply chains.
Our anti-slavery programme will also:

  • support our staff to understand and respond to modern slavery and human trafficking, and the impact that each and every individual working in the MPA can have in keeping present and potential future victims of modern slavery and human trafficking safe.
  • ensure that all MPA staff have access to training on how to identify those who are victims of modern slavery and human trafficking. This training will include the latest information and will help staff develop the skills to support individuals who come into contact with health services
  • trafficking is taken seriously and features prominently in safeguarding work plans.
  • review all Medway Practices Alliance (MPA) safeguarding policies and MAST training to ensure that Modern Slavery and human trafficking are integral within the content and staff are directed to support and advice as needed.


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