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List Size
May 2018

Strood G82233 St.Werburgh Med. Practice 11,143
Strood G82077 The Elms Medical Centre 9,861
Strood G82203 Court View Surgery 9,813
Strood Y00198 The Parks Medical Pract. 9,547
Strood G82133 St.Mary'S Medical Centre 7,216
Strood G82679 Apex Medical Centre 6,695
Strood G82198 Gun Lane Medical Centre 5,895
Strood G82106 Riverside Medical Practice 5,819
Strood G82100 Highcliffe Medical Pract. 5,801
Strood G82708 Marlowe Park Medical Ctr. 3,891
Rochester G82095 Thorndike Surgery 14,152
Rochester G82051 City Way Surgery 10,674
Rochester G82711 Borstal Village Surgery 4,383
Rochester G82653 Castle Medical Practice 3,884
Chatham Y02471 Mch Pentagon 8,329
Chatham G82631 Bryant Street Medical Practice 7,116
Chatham G82753 The Kings Family Practice 6,446
Chatham G82744 The Halfway Surgery 3,996
Chatham Y00449 St.Mary'S Island Surgery 3,626
Chatham G82706 Brompton Medical Centre 2,180
Lordswood G82161 Reach Healthcare 23,022
Lordswood G82113 Stonecross And West Drive Surgery 8,209
Lordswood G82108 King George Road Surgery 5,866
Lordswood G82697 The Churchill Clinic 5,427
Lordswood G82820 Wayfield Road Surgery 5,000
Lordswood G82741 Princes Park Medical Ctr 3,238
Lordswood G82139 Maidstone Rd Chatham Surgery 3,140
Lordswood G82719 Matrix Medical Practice 2,633
Gillingham G82014 Woodlands Family Practice 19,825
Gillingham G82011 Sunlight Centre Surgery 7,267
Gillingham Y02462 Dulwich Health Medical Centre 6,754
Gillingham G82123 Balmoral Gardens 5,384
Gillingham G82129 The Glebe Family Practice 4,863
Gillingham G82109 The Railside Surgery 3,053
Gillingham G82775 Malvern Road Surgery 2,871
Gillingham G82622 The Surgery Railway Street 2,503
Gillingham G82763 Napier Road Surgery 2,382
Gillingham G82762 Upper Canterbury St Surgery 1,933
Rainham G82727 Malling Health Blue Suite 7,446
Rainham G82704 The Church View Practice 5,835
Rainham G82154 Thames Ave Surgery 5,237
Rainham G82162 Rainham Healthy Living Centre 4,927
Rainham G82180 Maidstone Rd Rainham Surgery 4,695
Rainham G82226 Wigmore Medical Centre 4,454
Rainham G82721 Parkwood Family Practice 3,714
Rainham G82737 Long Catlis Road Surgery 3,610
Rainham G82600 Eastcourt Lane Surgery 2,142
Rainham G82635 Pump Lane Surgery 2,054
Rainham G82184 Waltham Road Medical Centre 1,709
Total 299,660
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