Medway Practices Alliance Ltd - Mission Statement & Vision


Mission Statement

Medway Practices Alliance (MPA)

To improve the health, well-being and lives of those for whom MPA care.



  • To work in partnership with patients and other healthcare organisations to provide the best healthcare services possible.
  • To deliver high quality care to improve patient experiences and outcomes in local and wider communities.
  • To demonstrate a professional, proactive and innovative approach in all aspects of the business.


MPA Core Values

  • Teamworking and collaboration.
  • Open, Honest and Transparent.
  • Patient engagement.
  • Staff engagement.
  • Exceptional care for all patients.
  • Efficient, convenient, safe and reliable community services.


MPA The Culture

  • Focus on improving patient care in an open, safe and transparent way.
  • Collaborative and supportive of other Practices, NHS commissioners and providers, as well as other partners.
  • Professional, dynamic, well led and innovative organisation.
  • Supporting and empowering employees to deliver quality care.
  • Enabling personal and professional development.
  • Constantly assessing and evaluating all the company undertakes to ensure effectiveness and continuous improvement.
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