Medway Practices Alliance (MPA) Mission Statement

To improve the health, well-being and lives of those from whom MPA care and to support the Practices who form it's membership.


To work in partnership with patients and staff to provide the best healthcare services possible working within local and national governance, guidance and regulations plus to work towards a strong and sustainable GP services in Medway.


MPA Core Values

  • Exceptional care for all patients.
  • Teamworking and collaboration.
  • Patient engagement.
  • Staff engagement.
  • Efficient, convenient, safe and reliable community services.
  • Open, Honest and Transparent. 


MPA The Culture

  • Focus on improving patient care in an open and transparent way.
  • Collaborative and supportive of other Practices, the Federation, the CCG, the local hospital trusts and other partners.
  • Inclusive of all Medway Practices regardless of size or type of contract.
  • GP owned and managed.
  • Bring Practices and partners together to create mutual benefits.
  • Professional, dynamic and innovative. 


MPA Aims and Objectives

  • To build a sustainable Federation available to support Medway Practices in the long term.
  • To provide high quality, safe, professional Healthcare services to the population of Medway.
  • To offer more or enhance community services that are already in place to ensure they are efficient, convenient, safe and reliable.
  • To work in partnership with all patients, their families and carers towards a positive experience and understanding, involving them in decision making about their treatment and care.
  • To be a learning organisation that continually improves what is available to offer patients.
  • To treat patients as individuals and with the same respect demanded by clinical professionals or a family member, listening and supporting people to express their needs and wants and enabling people to maintain the maximum possible level of independence, choice and control.
  • To work in partnership with other agencies to tackle the causes of, as well as provide the treatment for ill health and where appropriate involve other professionals in the care of our patients.
  • To encourage patients to communicate with MPA by joining the Patient Forum, communicating, participating in surveys, and feeding back and on the services offered.
  • To ensure all staff have the competency and motivation to deliver the required standards of care, ensuring that all members of the team have the right skills and training to carry out their duties competently.
  • Have a zero tolerance of all forms of abuse.
  • To provide patients and staff with an environment which is safe and friendly.
  • To make efficiency savings/economies of scale, for example in back office functions or the procurement of practice services. 
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